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Here's a Bit More About How it Works

Pro-Study Toolbar

Main Toolbar Version 4

The Pro-Study toolbar sits across the top of your screen and you can use it to access all of the Pro-Study features. By selecting some text and clicking one of your colour coded categories on the toolbar you can effortlessly collect all the required information and quickly organise it. The preview feature will let you access all of your collected information which also includes hyperlinks back to the original source as well titles, timestamps and the option to edit. You can also bookmark whole websites and export all or some of your information into Word or the Pro-Study Cloud.


Supporting your Study Strategies

Pro-Study can help with many tasks such as

Who uses Pro-Study and Why?

Pro-Study Cloud - Online Storage

Whilst registering your licence key you will be asked for a username and password so you can login to the member’s area on this website and access your online storage. The ‘export to cloud’ feature on the Pro-Study toolbar allows you to securely upload your chosen projects or categories. Your research will be stored privately in the member’s area ready for you to download even if you don’t have a computer with the Pro-Study software. All you will need to do is login using the same login details you used to register and then choose the required research to download. This ensures you are never too far away from your priceless research.