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Pro-Study Toolbar

The Pro-Study toolbar sits across the top of your screen allowing you to access all of the Pro-Study features and your colour coded categories.

V4 Toolbar

Save text and build a library of useful information

Use our one click save system to quickly save any text from Websites, PDFs and Word documents. Simply highlight the text and click on one of your categories. This will also automatically save the text, a hyperlink back to the original source and all the reference information it can find.

Capturig text from Websites


The snapshot feature allows you to capture images such as graphs, charts and text on screen.

new snapshot window

Text book capture using Webcam

The webcam capture tool allows you to take snapshots of text and images from books. 

Webcam capture window capture           

The image can be converted and the text edited.

book and barcode complete choose category

You can then flip the book around and capture all the referencing information using the barcode scanner.

barcode reader


The in-built OCR feature, allows you to make inaccessible text accessible so you can edit it, particularly helpful for online e-books and scanned documents. 

New OCR Window

Preview Window

The Preview Window gives you access to all of your collected information which also includes hyperlinks back to the original source as well as titles, timestamps and file icons. Here you can edit your database, delete or move captures and add comments to them.

Preview icons


Export all or some of your information into Microsoft Word,

Export to Cloud

or the Pro-Study Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Cloud Platforms

Supporting your Study Strategies

Supporting your Study Strategies

Case Studies

Case Studies


Jamie, an English literature student, was tasked with completing a literature review for his dissertation. Because of his dyslexia, Jamie’s biggest challenge was his working memory and often forgot where he had read research to use within his work. He was able to use Pro-Study from the beginning of his research process to organise his work and could keep track of everything he had read by bookmarking and categorising all of his literature. All of the quotes he had read were easily accessible after exporting to a Word document along with a complete bibliography. This meant he could spend more time getting on with writing his dissertation and not worrying about his referencing.

Here is what Jamie had to say…

“In my final year, I had to complete a literature review for my dissertation. My dyslexia impacts my working memory and I often forget where I’ve read quotes to add to my work. Using Pro-Study allowed me to categorise everything I’d read, right from the initial research stage all the way through to referencing. Having everything easily accessible in a Word document alongside a completed bibliography definitely took out the stress of writing and it is so easy to use.”

-          Jamie, Theatre Studies student



Charlotte’s Biology course involves a number of exams at the end of the year, but often the amount of revision often becomes overwhelming. Charlotte uses Pro-Study to set up different projects for each exam, colour coding into different topic areas. She highlights the most important parts of her lecture notes, takes quotes from online journal articles and captures diagrams from her textbooks to have one central database to store all of the most relevant information she needs to revise.

Here is what Charlotte had to say…

“Exams have always caused me anxiety and stress, and I used to feel there was just too much information to process when revising. Now I feel much more organised by using Pro-Study to set up different projects for each exam, colour coding into different topic areas. I highlight the most important part of my lecture notes, take quotes from online journal articles and capture diagrams from my textbooks to have one central database to store all of the most relevant information I need to revise. The ease of which I can then find and recall the sources by just a click of a button has saved me the nightmare of finding an article and then losing it. Pro-Study really is the most useful thing available to me right now”

-         Charlotte, Biology student

Who Uses Pro-Study and Why?

Who uses Pro-Study and Why?